Independent medications management consultancy specialising in turning around care homes and removing medication-related breaches.

We offer a personalised service led by an experienced care services pharmacist.

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Auditing for Care Homes

We specialise in proactive (prior to CQC) and reactive (post CQC) medication management audits to identify areas of concern. From these, a turnaround plan can be made to rectify any concerns. The audits, and turnaround, are undertaken by an experienced Specialist Care Services Pharmacist with CQC Specialist Advisor experience.

Documents for Medicine Management

Our documents can be personalised to your home and help cover necessary regulatory requirements. They span from resident profile pages and supplementary MARs to audits and training packages. The supplementary MARs are not only designed to meet requirements but also to help coach staff and minimise errors. The aim is not to be good, but to be outstanding!


A. Shepherd
Excellent, knowledgeable consultancy


Sharan came into our home at short notice to advise on some medication issues we had been experiencing. Immediately, it was apparent that she was extremely knowledgeable and was able to highlight issues and their root causes very quickly. As non-clinical people, it would have proven difficult for us to do so as quickly, if at all. She produced her audit report very quickly after the visit, and it was clear and comprehensive. We look forward to having Sharan back to assist us in moving forward with the improvements.

Sharan Giller
Consultant Pharmacist

Sharan qualified as a Pharmacist in 1999 and worked in various positions within Boots. Her love for turning around care homes developed during her Care Services Pharmacist role, in which she undertook approximately 200 audits/advice visits per year. This experience led Sharan to audit on behalf of the CCG. Furthermore, she has had hands-on experience in turning around a 180-bed nursing care home with a CQC Medication Breach during her employment as a Medications Manager. Her role with the CQC as Medicines Specialist Advisor increased her desire to help homes maintain/improve the safe handling and administration of medications.